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I couldn’t resist a sketch of River and Eleven in classic/improvised Timelord costumes. Poor Eleven…he can feel the cool draining right out of him. Undoubtedly the real reason he stole a TARDIS and fled Gallifrey all those years ago. XD

The Doctor doesn’t share my opinion of Timelord attire (I happen to think it’s epic), as he’s spent most of his life defining his own unique and ever-changing sense of fashion (which at times includes twenty-foot scarves and celery sticks and…well, Six, anyone?), and collecting an enormous wardrobe from all over the universe and throughout its history. Anything and everything, I imagine, to avoid having to wear this again. I had way too much fun with this.


You’re laughing a little too quickly there, Ten!  Look what I found!  XD

In the time span of two days a normal friendship turned into a hateful quarrel. In 3 seconds it then turned into paranoia and violence.
My friend accused me of things she was looking into too deeply.
I tried to reason with her.
Didn’t work.
Table got flipped, a mug hit my forehead and a whole cup of tea shattered and wasted.
I wanted to finish that tea….
She needs help. And needs to stay away from me.



Proper swimming technique 


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